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What is the structure to health sciences?

Health science first year is a two semester course. You can also do a degree in health science generally, but the main reasons for health science first year is to gain admission into one of the competitive specialties (link below to the Otago webpage for each):

To gain entrance there are two separate semesters:

Semester oneTitle and points
BIOC 192Foundations of Biochemistry18
CELS 191Cell and Molecular Biology18
CHEM 191The Chemical Basis of Biology and Human Health18
HUBS 191Human Body Systems 118
Semester two
HUBS 192Human Body Systems 218
PHSI 191Biological Physics18
POPH 192Population Health18
Eighth paperOptional eight paper18

You are only allowed to do health science once, so be prepared for this. The course is highly demanding in terms of contact time and independent learning. There are numerous tests for each of the papers.

The mysterious “8th paper”

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