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Study groups

Study groups are a great way to learn. There is research that ranks small group learning amongst the best form of learning. They also offer lots of opportunities to socialise. They can go very wrong or very right, with the group dynamic often teetering around the ‘not-doing-enough-work’ area. Ultimately, our (aptitute’s) study group was how we all met (around the time we were doing physics for dummies), and managed to achieve the goals that we intended to.

Your group

  • Choose people who have similar ambitions and work ethic to your own, and you will find that they are a source of motivation for you.
  • With too many people it gets very difficult to get everyone to meet at a good time, 3 people seems to work well. 4 people seems about the maximum, 5 for us didn’t work.
  • Study groups are great for explaining, questions, summarising and elaborating on ideas.
  • Study groups are not great when people have not done their share of the work.
  • Make sure that you are quite careful with who you are studying with.
  • It is good to have more than one study group too, so that you can vary your pace, and see different ways in which a group might work.
  • Small group learning is also available in the form of tutorials, or from places like the higher education development centre (formerly the student learning centre).

What to study?

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