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There is a lot of research on teaching a learning, which is great. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! The fact you are reading this is promising already, just go the extra step and look at what works and what doesn’t. The book “Making it stick” is very helpful for this. Below is a youtube video summary in case you are interested.

  1. Self quizzing. This is one of the most effective techniques to strengthen learning (hence our online multi-choice questions to accompany our text). This is because it makes you work to remember, and the harder it is to remember something the better learning you are getting from doing that! No pain = no gain!
  2. Interleaving. This is essentially mixing different ideas. This could be mixing topics or even subjects. You might start with 20 minutes of one topic, then 20 of another. Inside of that practice you might use flashcards to cover and quiz one another on five different ideas within each topic. This is harder and less fun but the research clearly shows better outcomes!
  3. Spacing. Practice the same knowledge of a longer period of time. Read the book we’ve made once at the start, once at the middle and once before exams and you’ll do better than someone who reads it ten times once.

We’ve incorporated into our books many of the principles we could from learning theory and research. This is why we include keywords, summary chapters, space for notes (in the printed versions), a comprehensive index and chapters guide.

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