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For the student who wants it all, this package allows you just that. This can be for the serious student who wants to get ahead, the student who is struggling to keep up so needs a bit extra in terms of resources to guide their independent study, or simply the student who knows that they will be learning the other topics later, so may as well get it cheaper as a bundle right now!

It includes access to The Human Body 2, 2017 version (our most recent print run), also allows access to both Human Body 1 and Human Body 2 full collection of quizzes.

The Human Body 2, 2017 is the most recent edition (printed last year and in mint condition). We have these leftover as a result of a delivery error, and the books were sitting forgotten in a warehouse. We will be printing an updated version of The Human Body 2, (2019 edition), and the print run for these books is small, so we expect to sell out relatively quickly.

This is only a few dollars more than buying the Human Body 2, 2017 book by itself, so all in all a good deal.

Delivery is Free anywhere in New Zealand, or variable rate for overseas. See more on FAQ

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