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Physics and Chemistry… for dummies

Let’s face it, some of us just do not know enough about these courses to catch up in the time provided during health sciences. Once you reach the university level, you are largely on your own for learning. We do have some tips to help you streamline this (read on…).

Thankfully, there are ways to catch up. If you have been educated overseas and English is not your first language, and you have not studied physics before then you might consider a foundation year. This is an introduction year to the concepts that you will later be learning at university.

Another approach is the physics or chemistry courses for dummies. They’re not called that, of course, but that was how we referred to them. Little known fact, but 3 of 5 of the original aptitute authors did not finish high school and needed some serious catching up. In fact, one author was told that “academic success at university was unlikely”. This was before 4 out of 5 went on to gain entrance to medicine (another moved overseas and is now a lawyer). We got where we are through hard work and a bit of luck, and the foundation courses in Chemistry and Physics were a part of this.

The courses are structured as around 3 weeks prior to the start of the academic year (Feb before uni starts) and the tutors will run you through the first half or so of the content in the course. This is essential stuff for those for whom success is “unlikely”.

How am I supposed to learn?

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