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Eating the right foods is absolutely essential when it comes to looking after yourself, and becomes more important come exam time. There are students all over the places who will stack their drawers with lollies and chocolates – foods which will wreak havoc with your attention span. If you eat a meal which is very dense in fast burning carbohydrates (e.g. sugary lollies/highly processed foods) or very fatty foods (like chocolate) then don’t expect to be able to concentrate as your blood glucose shoots up and down and your blood sludges as the fat neutralises the negative charge which your blood cells use to repel one another.

What happens to your blood flow when you have a high fat meal?

If you are interested in more information about nutrition, we recommend looking into Dr John McDougall’s fascinating work. He is an American doctor and nutrition expert who specialises in treating patients with diet and lifestyle changes.

Plant Based Videos is a free programme offered by aptitute founder Dr Nick Wright, set up for patients with advanced diseases of lifestyle. This provides free videos to people looking to change their diet and lifestyle. Most students will be fit and healthy enough that there is a ‘fudge factor’ whereby you can eat what you want several days a week without noticeable effects on short term health. Generally students are not going to be seeking large lifestyle changes unless they want to lose some weight, as most do not yet have chronic health problems. For people seeking to improve their health, the most impressive results for the plant based diet is the effect in reversing heart disease and type II diabetes without drugs or surgery.

Reasons for considering more plant based diets in students who are otherwise well includes:

  • Less acne / nicer skin
  • Possibly better concentration (as per above video)
  • Better athletic performance
  • Weight loss for those who are overweight


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