About the MCQs

Our multi choice question tests relate to the content of our products, and are offered to enable you to test yourself, and an opportunity to practice your MCQ test taking technique.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people using our multi-choice questions over the years, and as of 2019 have massively expanded our database, re-examined the questions and rewritten a bunch of them to make this easier for you.

  • We now offer premium multichoice question tests and free multichoice question tests.
  • To access our extensive, updated premium tests there is a small fee via secure payment with paypal.

80 free questions

280 premium questions (and growing)

Free tests

Our free tests are still pretty good, when using these you get the following feature (all of which are present in the premium tests):

  • Questions that relate directly to the books and content you’ve learned
  • There are about 45 questions available per book for you to test your knowledge
  • Questions covering the range of topics in the book
  • Answers are randomised
  • 5 attempts at each test, or until you get 100%

Premium tests

  • When making our premium tests, we’ve gone the extra mile to combine multiple approaches which are demonstrated to assist in learning:
    • 3x as many questions as the free tests, over 280 questions (around 140 for each human body book)
    • Questions are drawn from the pool of that particular topic – so if you’ve just brushed up on the endocrine system, now you can test that specifically
    • Questions are randomised as are answers, making recall more difficult
    • All content reflects our updated texts
    • Blocks that progress through each topic
    • Unlimited attempts for your to get 100%
    • The final tests has multiple mixed topics (interleaved learning), an approach which really helps to test your recall
    • Includes lots of pictures also provided for you to assist in your understanding and test your recall
  • All of these in combination have been proven to improve your retention

We recommend that you take these tests under ‘exam’ conditions:

  • Keep to a time limit.
  • Don’t google the answers!
  • Feedback is provided which will refer you to the lesson in the book if you wish to read more on an area.
  • Study beforehand so that you can test your knowledge.

If you spot any errors, as always, let us know and we will reward you. Enjoy!