Where can I buy the Human Body 1 and 2?

You can purchase these at either of the University Book Shops which are located on campus and also Great King St.

You can also purchase these online from university book shop, but sometimes they can sell out quickly so it’s best to get them in person.

For a limited time we are selling the latest version of The Human Body 2 (2017) via this website only. We will be printing a new version of The Human Body 2 in 2019 around August.

Are you working on other books for other topics?

Not at the moment.

What do I do if I spot an error?

Get in touch and if we feel like this is something that needs fixing and doing so will improve the quality of the books then we will give you some money for your troubles (in the form of University book shop vouchers). See more here.

Can I use these books if I am studying outside of New Zealand?

Thankfully, the relevant details of human anatomy and biology being taught at the basic level are the same everywhere. We have organised what you need to know in an effective and high yield book, all in one place, aimed at first year university students (although we have found these helpful for medical studies later on).

What are the authors' qualifications?

The current authors are Dr Nicholas Wright and Morgen Smith. We’ve had quite a few other contributors and authors over the years, all listed in the book proper. Nick is an Otago Medical School graduate and is a qualified Fellow of the Royal NZ College of GPs. Morgen is a exercise physiologist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Our other authors have included doctors, a lawyer, and a poet.

Shipping info

Shipping in NZ FREE, or currently $12 for overseas. Products are expected to arrive from minimum 2 working days post order, and should arrive a week at the latest within New Zealand.

Quizzes availability

The Human Body 2 quizzes are NOT available until July, as we are still working on these. If you have purchased these and are not happy, get in touch and we can refund you.