Previously this has been our errata, and we are no longer printing books.

An errata is where we will list any errors, or document changes found in the most recent revision of the books so that you will be able to update these in your own printed copy.

Thousands of eyes have been cast over these textbooks, and we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the material covered in this guide. We have confidence in our work, but acknowledge there are inevitable errors.

We want to continually improve this text so that we are providing the right information to you as students. As such, we offer rewards in the form of gift vouchers for those who might find any inaccuracies, major grammatical errors, and serious omissions of relevant information.

If you wish to submit an error you have spotted please get in touch.

Terms for the University book shop vouchers:

  1. You must be the first person to identify the error.
  2. Please take a photo of your book and highlight where the error is (this saves a lot of time identifying where exactly an error might be).
  3. It has to be an omission of some significance.
    • If it is a grammatical or spelling error then a single instance would not qualify, but multiple instances may, especially if readability is affected.
  4. Please note we update the book so older versions may have errors not present in more recent versions.
  5. If you are not in Dunedin we can arrange for other form of vouchers.

Human Body 1, version 11.0

  • Since publication of version 11.0, we have changed lessons numbers (for future print editions), and moved some content around.
  • On p 8 the revised text under the heading “Explain the differences between central tendency and spread”
    this now read: “When we have multiple values for a random variable, these tend to fall around a central position (central tendency) inside a data set. The most common way to describe this is with…”


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