This page has advice for those who are attempting health science first year. We hope will help you achieve your goals, and is provided by current and former students. Please remember that while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the content, courses changes quicker than we can maintain this, so all content herein is “unofficial”.

The human body doesn’t change from one year to the next, but there are variations in details from year to year in courses or eligibility for entrance, so we have attempted to focus on the general principles, which will remain the same.

Where details are provided, make sure to double check those with the official course pages from your learning institute. This information is not written by the University of Otago and is intended to represent our views and understanding. If you haven’t already, then inform yourself first with the “official” word on HSFY from the University of Otago website here.

In this advice section we talk about:

Health science – Specific to Otago, but generalisable to other schools

How to learn and study – Relevant for everyone, especially students

Exam approaches – Relevant for most students

UCAT – Formerly UMAT – The “IQ” style test that is done in this part of the world (UCAT), however, parts of the more generic advice can easily be applied to other similar tests like GAMSAT, or MCAT.

We hope that this section is of use. It seems like people are reading it – we’ve had several hundred thousand unique views on the free advice pages that we have written, and that’s only since we’ve been counting. We do strive to provide useful and accurate information and if you spot something that needs to be updated (as with any of our work) let us know and we will reward you.