Work consistently

In order to achieve what you are hoping for, you will need to work consistently. We can all appreciate how important this is, unfortunately many students fail to do what they know they should! Imagine that your brain is a hot air balloon. Your prior knowledge will be a start in filling it up. Some people will carry on feeding it with hot air throughout the year and then get it flying easily. Others will leave it to the last minute before attempting to fill it, then find they have lost the pump. It is a struggle to do all of the work that you need to in the last while. Ideally, you should be consolidating information in the last weeks before exams (which from experience is neigh on impossible in health science).

You may find yourself in the position where you are able to try a bit harder, and potentially get into a restricted professional entrance course, or do a three year degree before attempting again. The cold reality of entrance to the professional courses is that you are competing against other students. Many post-graduate students in medicine will comment on how they "partied too hard" in first year. Make sure that you know where your priorities lie, and are happy with the decisions that you have made. It is arguably better to have seriously attempted a course, and failed to meet your main goals than not have performed at your best. Even if you do not get to where you dreamed you would, you can be proud of your efforts, and always consider other options.

Working consistently can be difficult for everyone at times, but just as many people find it easier to establish very clear guidelines as to what they are prepared to do. If you set up a timetable for yourself then you will find that you are able to incorporate study into your daily routine, and after a while you will not be thinking about when to do it - you just will!