Preparation for UMAT - Unofficial

Unofficial preparation

There are a huge number of online problem solving tests! Do them!

There are some groups/organisations that cover all sections quite well – MENSA is one of these.

There are books available at the University Book Store which test the same ideas as UMAT. Get these if you can (or check out the library)!

A lot of online tests are rubbish and will not give you results! Make sure that you check that you will be given some form of feedback before wasting time.

Section 1

Try some IQ tests that are available online. Police and Military sites can be a good source for these. Remember to focus your efforts on the questions that are similar to those you are likely to experience in UMAT though.

High IQ Society Online IQ Tests

MENSA Workout

If you are really keen, then head on down to your uni or public library and grab a book about testing. Here is a link to a testing book which will open on a new page on google books. There are a whole bunch of books out there which can walk you through in detail some practiced and perfected techniques. We do suggest that you read as much as possible on these.

Section 2

To some extent, this tests your reading comprehension abilities. In terms of preparing yourself, start reading! If you are not in the habit of reading, maybe it is a good idea to start doing so for a quarter of an hour before bed.

If you are not that brilliant at the English language, it might pay to learn definitions of some of the more difficult words used to express and describe emotion and people. You will not be able to choose the correct answer if you do not know the definition of the word! There are many lists available online of vocabulary that can be used in aptitude tests, for example:

GRE Vocabulary

However, the best way to increase your vocabulary will simply be through reading extensively, and looking up words that you don't understand (keep a dictionary handy). It might be more helpful to read books that focus on people and their relationships and interactions (such as novels and biographies) since after all, Section 2 is meant to test your ability to "understand people". As an added bonus, increasing your vocabulary, reading speed and comprehension will help you with your other subjects and exams, and indeed throughout your academic career.

Once again, you can check out the library for books that may help you more specifically with this section, for example books on literacy testing or reading comprehension.

Section 3

There are a number of good MENSA books at the University Book Store, and maybe even some hiding in the library, so grab some of them and practice practice practice! is an excellent example of a quick-to-do, high quality, free test.