Preparation for UMAT

For those considering getting the official ACER UMAT preparation booklets (see here. Please note that AptiTute is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by ACER), the questions found in these are there to be learned INSIDE OUT. This is your best indication of what the questions in the test are going to be like: they will ask some very similar questions to what is in these books. You can get one copy and share the book with friends because the questions contained in them are the same for every book. They DO change from year to year though, so try to track down last year's books!

Some of the questions may not seem strictly relevant BUT working through the methodology for each of the questions is KEY. Knowing how to arrive at an answer is more important than the answer itself.

This cannot be stressed strongly enough. Know the WHY behind each question and you will notice the logic being repeated throughout the book and then eventually in the test.

When you are going through the books make sure you retry and retry when you get any questions wrong, until you can answer and understand most of them. The answer might not be obvious but it will be logical, and knowing how the answer was determined is most crucial.