Instead of getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work, keep in mind that there are many simple yet effective things that you can do to improve upon your study methods and approach. Some of these techniques should make study a little bit less tedious:

- Enjoy

If you are enjoying what you are learning it will not be such a burden. Corny as it sounds, try to get the most out of your learning, and relate what you are doing to your future academic and career goals. Chemistry may be be exactly what you do not want to be studying but remember that you have to do it, so try to stay positive and focus on what you like and hopefully learning will be a little bit easier.

- Reward yourself

Set yourself short term goals and then rewarding yourself for achieving them.

Short term goals could be: Open textbook. Read a page.

Reward: Allow yourself one song/a text to that lass from Physics/some more delicious and healthy carrot sticks. The amount you need to incentivise yourself will depend on your motivation.

For more medium term goals make plans of what you can do if you get all of your work done - a night out for a productive week, a cool movie for a productive day, etc.

- When studying

Be creative! Use colours! Use humourous references to demonstrators in order to reinforce ideas. The sillier an idea is, the easier you will remember it!

Help each other out by letting others know what works for you. Some people are tempted to not share anything in HSFY, but remember that everyone has something to offer and if you share with them most of the time (99%) people are courteous enough to reciprocate.