Study breaks

When you are studying for hours at a stretch, reading the textbook or writing pages upon furious pages of notes it is really good to have a break every now and then. When you take a break do not get off topic and go for a wander! Stay in your study place and try to limit the break time to the equivalent of listening to one song (a good length). Do a bit of a stretch and take a few deep breaths to get the blood flowing to your brain.

Generally shorter study times and small breaks are better than long study times and longer breaks. Your attention span may be completely different to the next person, so the time that you can study effectively will vary. Find what suits you.

Switch it up

And, instead of getting off task in a donuts break, you can simply switch your form of study in order to break the monotony. If you have just written pages of notes then stop to read out what you have written. Ask yourself:
"What are the most important things in what I just did?"
"What do I understand well/poorly?"