The Human Body 2014

  • Created for HSFY students by A+ students
  • The 7th edition of The Human Body 1, for 2014
  • 50 human anatomy and physiology lessons in summarised form
  • Comprehensive coverage of the Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Endocrine and Immune systems
  • "Key Concepts" summaries for each of these systems
  • Professionally bound and presented (in A4 size)
  • Simple and easy to understand diagrams
  • Has an in-depth contents page and extensive index
  • Free online support

The Human Body 2, 2014

The sixth iteration of The Human Body 2 is NOW available from both locations of the University Book Shop! This book covers the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal and reproductive systems.

The first editions of our books "The Human Body" and "The Human Body 2" were released in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Since then they have undergone huge improvements. Right from the earliest days, we provided the guarantee that any reader who found an error in our book would be rewarded. We are continually striving to improve upon our work and we are proud to be able to still offer this guarantee. Any errors found will be reported on this website.

Dr McDougall and Avoiding the 'Fresher 5'

Dr John McDougall is an American doctor and nutrition expert who specializes in treating patients with diet and lifestyle changes.

He proposes that the idea that carbs are bad for us is incorrect, and that the optimum diet for humans is based around complex carbohydrates (like rice, potatoes, and grains), vegetables, and fruits. His diet has demonstrated efficacy in reversing diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes without the use of drugs and surgeries.

Besides enabling you to prevent the 'inevitable' Fresher 5 and look lean and healthy for the summer, his way of eating supplies the body and brain with the optimum nutrients and energy for the long hours of study ahead!

Dr McDougall's new book 'The Starch Solution' is available from the University Book Shop or online.