I wanna be a doctor / dentist / pharmacist / physio / med lab scientist

Each of these programs has their own MINIMUM requirements for admission. Please check them THOROUGHLY now on the University website here.

Make sure you understand them completely, it can be a very good idea to write them down and display them somewhere prominent in your room or study space so that you are aware of them. As a general rule, the minimum requirements are exactly that, and the competition is such that NO-ONE gets into the professional courses with grades that are the minimum requirements. People get ludicrously high marks in HSFY and it is not uncommon for the top students to be scoring 100s and 99s in some of their papers. Of course these are still by far the exception rather than the rule, but for the most competitive courses you will definitely be needing grades that are a lot closer to this end of the scale than to the minimum requirements to be in with a shot. But see our professional course admission advice pages for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and Medical Laboratory Sciences for more information on this subject.