MCQ tests

Our MCQ tests are designed to relate to the content of our products, and are offered to enable you to test your understanding and retention of the information these provide. They also give you an opportunity to practice your MCQ test taking technique, so we recommend that you take them under conditions that are as close as possible to those you might experience in an examination (e.g. keep to a time limit, and try to resist the temptation to "google" the answers!). Please note that these tests ARE NOT intended to "predict" questions that you might encounter elsewhere in an examination.

You will be given feedback after each question answered, and referred to the relevant lesson in our book should you answer incorrectly. This should hopefully give you some indication of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

In order to maximise the benefits of taking these tests, and so that you are able to accurately gauge your knowledge, we recommend studying the relevant lessons extensively beforehand. Some information on test taking technique is available in our advice sections.

As always, we welcome and value your input and feedback, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions for improvements.

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The Human Body 1, 2011

The Human Body 1, MCQ Test 1 (25 questions, Lessons 1-16)
The Human Body 1, MCQ Test 2 (30 questions, Lessons 17-39)

The Human Body 2, 2011

The Human Body 2, MCQ Test 1 (23 questions, Lessons 1-21)
The Human Body 2, MCQ Test 2 (24 questions, Lessons 22-41)