Medicine Entry Advice

So you want to be a doctor? You yearn for a career which will enable you to spend your days (and nights) amongst the sick, the wounded, and the dying, using the tools that the wonders of modern science (and not-so-modern science) have thus far afforded us, in the hopes of improving their plight? A noble ambition indeed. Or you just really enjoy watching House and "Grey's" and think it all looks pretty neat. Either way it's a good idea to try to gain an appreciation of what a career as a doctor might entail, and what it might not, and consider how that all fits into your motivations and plans for life. Because unfortunately, whatever your motivations and intentions, the competition for places in Medicine is easily the most intense of all the professional courses, and for the vast majority of us obtaining a place is only possible through a lot of hard work.

Keep in mind too, that your HSFY year will be the first of no less than six years of undergraduate training, before you are let loose (albeit under heavy supervision) in the New Zealand hospital system (hopefully you're planning on staying) upon the general public to work your magic, whilst continuing to train for a minimum of about four more years for your specialisation.

If you have mulled that all over and we haven't managed to scare you off yet, then head on over and check out the official word on the admissions requirements here before you proceed any further.