HUBS 191 Advice

Shining like a beacon of hope though the darkness that is first semester HSFY, Human Body Systems 191 offers many a weary student what they have been dreaming of: namely a course with immediately obvious relevance to the future careers as health professionals to which they aspire. While no doubt the other three papers will go to great lengths to convince you (and the various professional schools) that they are an equally important part of your early education, most students will simply find it refreshing and invigourating to be taking a course that looks, smells, and feels like one that future health professionals should be sinking their teeth into.

Besides this, HUBS 191 and its second semester counterpart are arguably the most carefully thought out, well taught, and just downright enjoyable courses you are likely to experience as a first year student. The learning in HUBS 191 is entirely a "content" based introduction to anatomy and physiology. While there is certainly a lot to learn, most of it is interesting enough that it sticks without too much trouble, and you will be spared from learning physiological formulae and all but major anatomical details for the moment. Coupled with an almost impossibly beautiful (if occasionally inaccurate) textbook which echoes the course content closely, and well-spaced and fair assessments which assist your learning by being pitched at the right level (yet still reward hard work), HUBS is pretty much as good as it gets in HSFY.

The drawback of this, unfortunately, is that it is all almost TOO good. For this reason it is easy to become lulled into a false sense of security by the terms tests (which are often the first for the year), and to spend the vast majority of your available study time honing your knowledge of the human body in preparation for your proposed career as the next Dr. Meredith Grey. The trick here is to quickly appreciate that even a ludicrously high HUBS 191 mark will not compensate well for low marks in your other prescribed courses, and will NEVER compensate for a mark below the minimum thresholds for your professional program of choice. Our advice? Enjoy HUBS 191 by all means but recognise that it is unlikely to be your downfall. Because it is well taught you are liable to, with a reasonable amount of effort, do well without apportioning it a huge percentage of your study time. To this end, you might like to check out and purchase our study resource designed with HUBS 191 in mind, "The Human Body", which is designed to maximise your study efficiency in this subject (so you can spend more time doing those Chemistry and Physics calculations you love).