HEAL 192 Advice

Epidemiology. What is it? Why is it? By the time you finish the comprehensive and rather ambitious course that is HEAL 192, you will be able to answer these questions with aplomb. Essentially, you will be learning about the extremely powerful and effective (but at times not quite so exciting and somewhat predictable) art of applying the scientific method to determine the major causes of disease and ill health in large populations.

Content-wise, HEAL 192 involves an eclectic mix of both "content" based and "skills" based learning. This course also at times attempts to lead the otherwise uninitiated HSFY student into the murky and heretofore uncharted waters of having to "think for oneself". This may even involve the consideration of questions that can be answered in more than one way, and have more than one correct answer, which may initially feel a little foreign and uncomfortable. Learning the basic terms and definitions is very important, as is being able to perform the calculations (none of which are difficult, but they can be easily confused) and report your results correctly. Study time is best apportioned fairly evenly between both learning about the ideas taught in lectures and actually thinking about and working through questions. You cannot do well without being strong at both, and it is perhaps for this reason that relatively few students achieve A+ grades for HEAL 192. The midterm test is notorious for providing a rather nasty wake-up call for many HSFY students who have been taking it easy with this subject, or simply have not quite identified the kind of learning that is expected of them. Don't let it be you!