CELS191 Advice

Word on the street is that Cells 191 is still recovering from its sudden metamorphosis from BIOL 111 into its current incarnation during 2007. HSFY '07 students were bemused to discover that CELS 191 had even spawned its very own textbook of sorts, a Frankenstein-esque assortment of vaguely relevant and oftentimes confusion-inducing parts pulled together from a variety of biology texts, sans such trivialities as a decent index (and now with next-to-no resale or reuse value). Fortunately, the textbook issues appear to have been ironed out due to the eighth coming of the definitive (and somewhat unimaginatively-titled) "Biology" by Campbell and Reece.

And, as you might expect, Biology is exactly what you will get in CELS 191. The course is almost entirely "knowledge" or "content" based, and you will be spared calculations save a brief foray into the world of genetics and an encounter with the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (which should be standard fare for NCEA veterans anyhow). Be forewarned however, that a lot of content can be squeezed into 50-or-so 50 minute lectures and the laboratory part of the course, and that you will be tested on the details as well as the concepts.