BIOC 192 Advice

While it certainly sounds scary, and rumors abound that it is the most "difficult" of the HSFY courses, Biochemistry 192 is actually, in our experience, one of the best taught and well-organised courses you will encounter this year. Most of the learning is "knowledge" or "content" based, and memorisation of formulae and calculations play only an exceedingly minor part in the course, and an even smaller part in assessment. The provided course materials are thorough and complement the lectures well, and you are likely to have the pleasure of being taught by some of the University's most personable and effective lecturers and laboratory demonstrators.

That having been said, a case could certainly be made for BIOC 192 being one of the more challenging subjects (particularly for people who found CHEM 191 and PHSI 191 "easy" because of having covered much of the material at high school), as some of the ideas being taught are quite difficult, and everything that is taught is very likely to be unfamiliar to you. The metabolism unit of the course also requires quite a bit of what essentially boils down to rote memorisation of metabolic pathways, which some students find quite challenging. Despite it being a prerequisite, your CHEM 191 "skills" are almost entirely irrelevant for this course so don't despair if you struggled through or promptly forgot all you learned over the midyear break. Even better for those of you with an interest in becoming health professionals, much of the content is directly relevant to your future career and you will encounter it again in later years.